Here at the Diamond Academy of Performing Arts, your child will have the opportunity to Learn, Explore and Practice Communication and Performance Skills. All classes work together to allow each student achieve confidence, self esteem and masterful communication skills.

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June 7-18


AGES: 5-9

Give your child a taste of doing a Broadway Musical!

Your little ones will act, dance and sing* their hearts out in this fun summer camp, culminating in a fun mini outdoor recital on the last day of classes!

*Music work will be held outdoors to follow COVID protocols.

COST: $385.00

Registration under CAMPS & Semesters




June 21-July 2


AGES: 9-13

Students will write, perform and record their own group podcast based on their interests. Your child will learn the importance of effective and clear communication, from idea to performance, in a dynamic and fun way!

COST: $385.00

Registration under CAMPS & Semesters





Give your child a taste of doing a Broadway Musical!

Your little ones will act, dance and sing* their hearts out in this fun summer camp,

culminating in a fun mini outdoor recital on the last day of classes!

*Music work will be held outdoors to follow COVID protocols

COST: $350.00

Registration under CAMPS & Semesters



Join our International Academy and study Speech Arts and Drama. Your child will grow their vocabulary, critical thinking, writing, effective communication and leadership skills, setting your child up for success!

DAPA Speech Arts and Drama and Communication students have competed internationally, are Student Leadership Presidents and Members, Award Winners and are continually asked to repResent their schools or class because they SHINE!


Stand out, stand up and be heard!


Learn professional techniques to develop your voice and body for optimum confidence, communication and poise. Develop outstanding performance and presentation skills! Nurture your creativity and increase your brain neural pathways.

Classes are fun and educational and have a Recital at the end of each term!

Developmental highlights include:


  • Clear communication skills                                                                 Comprehension skills

  • Vocabulary growth                                                                                  Honed presentation and performance skills

  • Improved interpersonal skills                                                              Expressive emotiveness and intellect

  • Fluency of speech

                                                                 Small class sizes 

Winter and Spring Recitals, plus the opportunity to take Trinity College of London Exam. 

Due to Covid 19 Recital will be pre recorded and live streamed. Students will receive the performance experience followed by a Winter Recital streamed into the comfort and safety of your own home. 

Classes: Grades     TK-1.                             COST:    $100.00 per month 



public speaking photo.jpg

The art of public speaking

Be Prepared, Dynamic and Confident - anytime you are called upon to speak!


Learn the benefits of:

  • Speaking confidently and effectively                                               Writing & presenting a speech

  • Impromptu speaking                                                                             Practical and formal speaking 

  • Master of ceremonies training                                                            Study speeches from the great orators of all time                                              


Trinity College of London Communication Exams offer International exposure and a program that ensures all facets of

communication are explored. 

                                                                     Small class sizes  

Students will have the opportunity to present their work at a Winter and Spring Recital and take a Trinity College of London Communications Exam in May.

Due to Covid 19 our Winter Recital will be pre recorded and live streamed. Students will receive the presentation experience followed by a Winter Recital streamed into the comfort and safety of your own home. 

Classes: Grades     6-12                            COST: 100.00 per month

film and tv image.jpg


On Camera Acting Classes via ZOOM!


Learn the craft of acting for film and television.  From age appropriate script analysis to technical skills needed for on camera technique we have you covered in this class! Classes held on Zoom which is an excellent tool to learn on camera skills as well as getting comfortable acting on the screen. Many auditions and submissions are done via home recording now so learning how to deliver great performances from home is essential! 

Imagination skills developed                                                                    Creativity developed

Enhances focus skills                                                                                 Essential on Camera technique learned

                        Students will work on and perform pieces specifically chosen for them

                                                           SMALL CLASS SIZES 

Final performance will be recorded and for our Winter Recital which will be streamed into the comfort and saftey of your home.


Classes:    Grades    3-5                   COST: $100.00 per month 


speech and arts consulting for adults


30 minute private lessons created for each individual student.

Students work on individual pieces to build their presentation, performance skills and self confidence.


Students have the opportunity to take Internationally Renowned Trinity College of London Exams. Excellent for college applications and resumes!

We are proud to have students from around the world!


We are happy to say that we can do our work via zoom extremely effectively. 

30 minute private lessons are       $49.00 

15 minute private lesson option   $25.00 (ages 4-6 only)

Contact us either by phone or email and we'd be happy to schedule a time to chat about your needs. 

Our number is 925 989-8103 


The Diamond Academy of Performing Arts


Financial Policies


Enrollment in our classes is a reservation of a class slot. Class prices are not per class but per month. Tuition has already been adjusted to account for months that there are more or less than four classes in a month.


Classes run year long, and if you register for a Trinity College of London exam they are held in May. Students must be registered in the Fall ongoing through May to allow sufficient time to prepare for exams.  


All tuition is paid in advance month-by-month via automatic withdrawal. Tuition will be withdrawn on or about the first of each month. Our registration software makes this easy.  Children will not be placed into classes until all fees have been paid.


Tuition is non refundable. No prorating, credit or provisions are made for absences.  If a child registers for a class mid- month tuition will be prorated for that first month only. If The Diamond Academy of Performing Arts needs to cancel a class for some unforeseen circumstance credits will be issued. 


If you want to drop a class you must do so before the 15th of the month in writing or via email to stop the following months tuition from being withdrawn. Failure to do so will result in the following months tuition being charged.


If a student would like to switch classes please contact our offices and we would be happy to assist you.


An annual $35.00 registration fee will be applied per student. You will be automatically charged this fee upon your first months' registration. Registration fees are non-refundable. 


In the event of insufficient funds or closed accounts account holders will be charged a $20.00 service fee in addition to regular tuition. A grace period of 5 days will be given to update necessary information. After the 5th of the month the charge of $20.00 will be applied. If payment is not made by this time the student will be not be allowed to return to class until payment of all outstanding tuition, registration fees, and/or late charges has been made.


Summer Camp Tuition is non refundable, prorated and no credit given. Summer camps need to meet minimum enrollment requirements to run. If the Academy cancels a summer camp, full tuition will be refunded.


If you need any help with the registration process please contact The Diamond Academy of Performing Arts at 925 989 8103. We will be happy to assist you.

Academy Policies 

We treat each other, our instructor(s) and ourselves with honor, respect and kindness. 

  • We always aim to be kind, encouraging, calm and supportive in our actions and words. Class discussions, interactions with one another will always have these principles in mind. 

  • Students are required to not act disruptive or disrespectful to each other or the instructor. Students who do not adhere to our policies will be asked to leave the program.​ We have a strict zero-tolerance policy for bullying or harassment of any kind. Students who display such behavior will be immediately required to leave.

  • We respect the space that we are in. All students (and third parties) are to be respectful of the property of the landlord, instructor and other participants. 

Practice makes perfect. Students are expected to practice at home and will sometimes have assignments to hand in the following lesson which will be used during that class. The instructor can only work with what the student gives them to work with. Not memorizing material, handing in homework assignments or practicing lessons will result in slower progress and in exam situations, low test scores.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Minors are UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES allowed to do any of the following: Leave the classroom without telling the instructor, including going to the restroom, nor wait outside the building for a parent or other adult after or during class unsupervised.

Teachability, commitment, practice, listening skills and patience will result in positive outcomes.​​