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1st August 2022



Trinity College College of London Exams

Trinity College College of London Exams
Trinity College College of London Exams

Time & Location

1st August 2022


About the event

Trinity Examinations

The Diamond Academy offers collegiate-level examinations through Trinity College of London, a leading independent exam board which has specialized in the assessment of communicative and performance skills around the world since 1877. We believe it is important to have our students examine with some of the best adjudicators in the world to receive additional professional feedback, and see their progress develop, through each exam they undertake. Trinity College Examinations are highly regarded and have some of the highest standards in the field, and in fact most institutions and colleges will reward college accreditation for Trinity Colleges higher level examinations.*

Exams will be offered once a year in May. A Trinity College of London Examiner will be flown out from the UK or New Zealand to administer the examinations.


*As each college in the United States has their own criteria it is up to the student to find out if their desired college will award accreditation. To be considered for college accreditation only examinations from Level 6 and up are admissible and the exams must be taken when in High School.

TRINITY COLLEGE OF LONDON The international exam board for the performing arts and English language. Drama & Speech

“Trinity College London offers an unrivaled choice of qualifications for students and teachers of drama and speech subjects, at all levels of experience and ability.

Our syllabuses provide a structured framework designed to encourage the progressive development of integrated performance and communication skills over time. And our solo and pair graded exams and diplomas are fully accredited in the UK and recognized internationally in many other countries.

Exams can be taken by individuals, pairs or groups.”

-from Trinity College website

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