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Christmas Play @ The Diamond Academy

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Who doesn't remember the fun of putting on a Christmas play? I think we all have fond memories of bringing the excitement of the season onto the stage. Whether it was putting on the costumes, memorizing our lines, seeing our friends in an alternative setting from 'the usual,' or seeing our parents' faces light up in the audience, the nostalgia of being part of a holiday production leaves memories that last a lifetime (my husband still tells our kids about his star turn as Pere Noel in 'Santa Clause meets the Three Little Pigs - in French!', all these years later ;) ).

To keep this time-honored tradition going, this holiday season The Diamond Academy is excited to be mounting two plays: "North Pole's Got Talent!" and the world premiere of "The 'True' Story of the Night Before Christmas," as well as a special choral speaking surprise!

Magic is in the air!

In this fun and festive performance, all children who enroll will receive speaking parts, and learn the valuable skills of collaboration, expression and performance in an age-appropriate production. Come and discover what REALLY happened the night Clement Moore was inspired to create his holiday classic (hint: it's not as cut-and-dry as you'd think), and see the dazzling

talents that Santa's workers have been hiding up at the North Pole!

Come and see why The Diamond Academy puts YOUR kids first, helps them form magical memories, and sets them on a path to become the engaging leaders of tomorrow!

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