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The Importance of Positive Self-Evaluation

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

When undertaking any initiative, be it a physical effort like a swim meet, a professional setting like running a quarterly meeting, or performance setting on a stage, it's important to learn the skill of self-evaluation. Learning to 'check in' with yourself both during, and after, any situation where you are being called on to lead is a critical step to further developing these important life skills.

One of the many tools we teach here at The Diamond Academy of Performing Arts is the critical life skill of self evaluation. When we work with our students in one-on-one settings, we encourage them to try things in different ways, then ask them to articulate how things 'felt' between the attempts - better? Worse? Easier? Harder? Why or why not? How do these different coaching directions affect how they feel about the text? Eventually, we move on to getting the students to provide their own feedback without prompting; by learning this important skill, we are setting our kids up for success in the 'real world' as they won't have to rely on others' input to gauge their performance. They will have the innate tools necessary to be successful.

We would love the chance to show you how these lessons can be taught and adapted into your child's everyday life; please contact us to learn more!

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