Build your presentation skills in a one-on-one environment

Our programs help students find their own unique identity and prepare them for achievement in all circumstances. We offer private lessons (in-person and online) teaching communication skills, presentation and performance skills through the study and application of Speech Arts and Drama and time-tested effective communication techniques.

Students work on individual pieces to build their self-confidence, memorization, comprehension and performance/presentation skills.

Students have the opportunity to take the Internationally-renowned Trinity College of London exams (excellent for college applications and resumes!), and compete in international festivals!

  • 30-minute private lessons created for each individual student: $49.00
  • 15-minute private lesson option: $25.00 (ages 4-6 only)
  • 60-minute private lessons for adults: $98.00

Please contact our office at 925-989-8103 or click below for a complimentary evaluation and to discuss your goals to ensure lessons are curated for your specific needs.