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Why Choose Diamond Academy Performing Arts

Personalized Lesson

Our curriculum is custom-crafted for each student to ensure they get the most out of each lesson.

Performances And Recitals

All students will have an opportunity to showcase their work in front of an audience, with our Winter and Spring Recitals as well as play and musical performances.

Exam Readiness

Add to your child’s resume by encouraging them to sit for Trinity College of London Exams.

Help them learn, grow and achieve plus build their college resume.

Group Lessons

Appreciation Of The Arts

Dedicated Teachers

Boost your skills and make new friends with others who share your love of performing and communication. 

There is so much to be learned from plays, monologues and poetry. We can’t wait to share this world with you or your child.

Our faculty is committed to helping each student foster a lifelong love of speaking and performance.

Client Testimonial

Diamond Academy | Kids singing lessons, Kids Theater Classes Danville

Max (7) and Charlie (5) have been students at The Diamond Academy of Performing Arts for over 6 months now and in this short period of time they have both made incredible progress. Charlie was a very shy preschooler and didn’t enjoy public speaking at all. He has just started kindergarten and is radiating confidence and maturity. He is now very happy to do presentations in front of his class and he is speaking and reading beautifully. We are thrilled by this transformation. Max has always been a confident child and Ms. Andrea is doing a wonderful job enhancing his communication and acting skills. We recently moved interstate and feel very lucky that the boys can continue their sessions with Ms. Andrea via Zoom as they thoroughly enjoy the class. I highly recommend The Diamond Academy of Performing Arts.

Diamond Academy | singing lessons near me, voice lesson near me

Trish Valentine


Diamond Academy | Kids Voice Lessons, drama classes near me

I am writing this review to express our thanks and gratitude to Ms. Andrea for the significant progress I have observed with my son attending your classes. My son is in Kindergarten. I attended a “parent/teacher” conference earlier this year and the the teacher’s feedback was that my son was shy, and did not fully participate in the “show and tell” aspect of of the class. The take away inference- whether she stated it explicitly or not, was that he lacked confidence. I was surprised with this feedback left wondering how my child, with his upbringing, could possibly lack confidence. I sought out schools that focused on speech arts, and the Diamond Academy was second to none. We noticed improvement after only one session with Ms. Andrea – and so did others. My wife and I had other parents coming up to us inquiring how our 6 year old was presenting so well. The simple answer is that the only thing we did was to register him with the Diamond Academy of Performing Arts. My son is no longer the “shy” boy that cannot present in front of his class. He does not blush and get flustered when asked to present in front of the class. He is now exuding self-confidence. Thank you. Thank you so very much for teaching our son how to publicly speak; the importance of which, in our opinion, is the basic necessity for any job in today’s society. Forever grateful, Jordan Atkinson and family

Diamond Academy | singing lessons near me, acting school Danville

Jordan Atkinson



Foster a love of communication and performance in an upbeat, positive environment. As a student, your child will grow their confidence, comprehension, creativity presentation and leadership abilities.

Give Your Child The Gift Of Confidence

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