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Technique & Performance Class

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International Award Winning Students

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Speech Arts ~Drama ~ Public Speaking

"You can improve your value by 50 percent just by learning communication skills; public speaking."

  -Warren Buffet


The Diamond Academy of Performing Arts was a great experience for our kids. It provided great interactive activities that were both fun and educational. Andrea has a great way with children and made it a memorable experience. We will definitely participate in the next session.

Andrea and Gino Thiers

We enrolled our two kids (ages 6 and 7) in the Diamond Academy summer camp and it was fantastic!  At the end of the camp, there was a recital where the kids presented their individual monologues and a group skit.  Let me tell you:  we loved it (I teared up!) and the kids loved it because they felt a sense of accomplishment and pride in themselves for successfully speaking in front of an audience.  The way Miss Andrea taught the kids to present was incredibly artful.  There was also a warm and inviting culture where the older kids helped the younger kids feel comfortable presenting.  It was amazing.  Arming our kids with confidence in themselves and starting them down the path of being comfortable speaking in public is invaluable.  We will be sure to enroll them in future classes!  Thank you so much, Miss Andrea!


Mahsa Kashani Tippins, Esq.

My daughter attended the DAPA Speech Arts and Drama Summer Camp. She ended the week with new found creativity, poise and confidence.

Andrea's engaging approach and expertise made the week interesting and fun for the kids as they learned such valuable life skills! Highly recommend!

Laura See

We had a wonderful experience at The Diamond Academy of Performing Arts. When I saw my son standing up in front of a crowd, showing off all he had learned in such a short period of time, I realized how important the work Ms. Andrea does to develop voice, confidence, presentation and performance skills. Andrea's work does so much more than allowing kids to 'perform'; it is a crafted experience for each child that truly teaches the importance of effective communication and confidence in the voice, preparing kids for the important societal interactions they will face in life. There was a palpable energy and excitement from all the kids involved, and you could tell that they were extremely proud of all they accomplished during the summer camp while having an incredible amount of fun! This program, and the skills taught, are vital for all kids today, and I can't recommend it  highly enough!

Christy Facchetti

For the performer and non-performer alike. Training honed for each individual student to reach their full potential.


Mastering the art of public speaking is the greatest single skill one can develop in order to establish strong leadership skills, boost future earning potential, and carry oneself confidently and successfully in life. Modern society demands effective communication and leadership skills to excel, however presents few opportunities for children to develop these critical life skills. The Diamond Academy represents a new way of thinking: an innovative studio for learning, where students can explore and develop their communication, performance and leadership skills in a fun and dynamic setting. At the academy your child will learn skills that will remain with them throughout their lives.


The Diamond Academy utilizes time-honored traditions of Speech Arts and Drama techniques as a means of developing effective communication, performance and leadership skills; skills which are aimed at teaching our young students to become engaging and articulate speakers, citizens, performers and leaders. Our group classes are structured to educate through improvisation technique, voice development, text analyzation and performance, in a positive and encouraging setting where students engage with, and learn from, their fellow students as well as perform solo pieces. Students are exposed to, and will explore literature from, the great writers, poets and playwrights from the English Literature Cannon. At the end of each term each student will perform selections from the repertoire they have created. Through our classroom development, recitals, plays and Trinity College of London examination opportunities, each Diamond Academy Student will have many avenues to utilize and develop their unique voice in the world.



Andrea Johnston

Founder and Artistic Director 

BA,Simon Fraser University, BFA, Simon Fraser University, Certificate of Liberal Arts, Simon Fraser University, ARCT Speech Arts and Drama, Royal Conservatory of Music

Canadian National Voice Intensive Graduate

ATCL Speech and Drama, Trinity College of London


Andrea has spent many wonderful years teaching children and adults the art of communication through speech arts and drama. She started her career in Vancouver, British Columbia as a guest artist and instructor at Simon Fraser University, where she had the privilege of directing main stage productions as well as teaching several courses. At The Bolton Academy of Spoken Arts she taught children of every age how to find and use their voices effectively. Privately she coached professionals including lawyers, executives and politicians, helping them find their voice, confidence and poise. As a professional actor and director Andrea directed and performed in many productions which received critical acclaim; she is also a two-time winner of the Vancouver Twenty-Four Hour Film Festival, Director of the North American premiere of "Eulogy for Lois Lane" by Marc Diamond, and has lent her voice to numerous film and television productions. Her expertise in the field found her traveling British Columbia as an adjudicator for Speech Arts, Drama and Speech Festivals.


Helping people find their voice and grow their confidence is a passion for Andrea. Here at The Diamond Academy of Performing Arts, she looks forward to helping you find yours. 


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