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The Diamond Academy of Performing Arts encourages ongoing membership for consistency in training and personal relationships, both with fellow students and teachers. 

Building confidence, creativity, performance and communication techniques is a skill set that has to be developed and worked on to achieve and attain growth.

  Fees are payable each term or month. Becoming a student means you’ll have access to our regular newsletters and studio events. 

New students are invited to get started with a free trial class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you click on the Join Us button, you will be redirected to Sawyer, our online registration program where you can sign up for  our classes which can be paid via credit or debit card. 

Once registered, we will be in touch to confirm your registration and provide all the pertinent information for your first class. Membership for private lessons and monthly payment classes will automatically renew each month.

If you move away from the area and our studio can no longer reasonably be accessed by you, we will cancel your registration for the next month forward.

Remember – you can continue your lessons online! We have many students who have relocated but still learn with us.

Unfortunately term fees are non-refundable, non-transferable or prorated. We may be able to teach you online, provided you are feeling well enough.

We do not offer drop-in classes, with the exception being for trial classes, which may only be done once per student.

For Musical Production Classes: once registered, there are no refunds, cancellations, credits, transfers or proration.

For Private lessons and monthly-fee classes: A student who wishes to drop must do so in writing by contacting our studio office no later than the 15th of the month to prevent an automatic tuition charge for the following month. Requests received by the 15th become effective at the end of the current month.  Requests received after the 15th become effective at the end of the following month.  The next month’s full tuition will be automatically withdrawn from your account and is non-refundable nor can a credit be extended.  Students are welcome to attend class through the drop date.

The Diamond Academy offers collegiate-level examinations through Trinity College of London, a leading independent exam board which has specialized in the assessment of communicative and performance skills around the world since 1877. DAPA is honored to be the West Coast Centre for Drama for the esteemed Trinity College of London.

We believe it is important to have our students examine with some of the best adjudicators in the world to receive additional professional feedback, and see their progress develop, through each exam they undertake. 

Trinity College Examinations are highly regarded and have some of the highest standards in the field, and in fact most institutions and colleges will reward college accreditation for Trinity Colleges higher level examinations.

Contact us to find out more.

Why Choose Diamond Academy
Performing Arts

Personalized Lesson

Our curriculum is custom-crafted for each student to ensure they get the most out of each lesson.

Performances And Recitals

All students will have an opportunity to showcase their work in front of an audience, with our Winter and Spring Recitals as well as play and musical performances.

Exam Readiness

Add to your child’s resume by encouraging them to sit for Trinity College of London Exams.

Help them learn, grow and achieve plus build their college resume.

Group Lessons

Boost your skills and make new friends with others who share your love of performing and communication. 

Appreciation Of The Arts

There is so much to be learned from plays, monologues and poetry. We can’t wait to share this world with you or your child.

Dedicated Teachers

Our faculty is committed to helping each student foster a lifelong love of speaking and performance.

Why Choose Diamond Academy
Performing Arts

To apply for one of our Programs, please complete the form below or contact our Director Andrea Johnston to get started.