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Acting for Film & Television

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A calling to greatness.

Whether it’s for film or television, our acting program allows students to unearth their deepest potential and harness an inspiring connection to their audience. 

Enrolling with us in the Acting for Film and Television program offers:

  • Imagination skills

  • Creativity

  • Enhanced focus

  • Script Analysis

  • Learning essential on-camera techniques

  • Scripts and scenes specifically chosen for each actor

At the Diamond Academy, we believe that the process and preparation of acting deserve depth to connect to the heart of a story and the character’s emotion. That’s why we teach acting as a craft to impact audiences and inspire generations.

From age-appropriate script analysis to technical skills needed for the on-camera technique, we have you covered to pursue your passion.


Foster a love of communication and performance in an upbeat, positive environment. As a student, your child will grow their confidence, comprehension, creativity presentation and leadership abilities.

Give Your Child The Gift Of Confidence

Get started with a free trial class today!

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